How might AI affect the church?

The church must navigate AI’s implications wisely, embracing its potential benefits while preserving the essence of faith-based practices, human connections, and the integrity of the gospel message, but how?

The change the church needs will come

..but it might not come from within, and even if it does, it might not come from where you expect,
Change will come from ‘Bethlehem’ rather than ‘Jerusalem’.  Micah 5v2

When faith fails…

What if the intense experiences, what if the incredible emotional highs of being in a big top with thousands of other young people, what if the overwhelming desire to be something bigger than ourselves, what if hearing a ‘mission from God’ – what if it wasn’t real? What if it wasn’t God? What would that mean?

Is the Church Losing Faith in Low-Income Communities?

A report on church closures in Greater Manchester “Is the Church Losing Faith in Low-Income Communities in Greater Manchester?” reveals that more churches are closing in areas of low income and deprivation.
The report was commissioned by Church Action on Poverty and compared the number of churches in the city in 2010 with those that remain in 2020. It looked at five main denominations: Baptist, Roman Catholic, Methodist, Church of England and United Reformed, and found that it was only the United Reformed Church had more closures in affluent areas than in low-income areas.
Critically, in both sense of the word, what does this say about our church and its mission; about “good news for the poor” and our (perhaps middle, middle-upper class?) understanding of the gospel?

Will ‘Downsizing’ Save the Church?

Organisations often downsize because it is seen as a way to reduce costs, adjust structures, and create leaner, more efficient workplaces. But new research indicates that downsizing may actually increase the likelihood of bankruptcy. This may be a difficult read, but it makes an important counterpoint to the ‘general ignorance’ of downsizing. Every business can reduce their expenses to zero, but will that really improve the bottom line? Not if it means getting rid of all the staff, switching everything off and closing down. The article is worth a read, and it is worth considering what we do, and what we stop doing, CAREFULLY, cheaper, leaner and more efficient isn’t always better and doesn’t always produce the desired results.

In which direction is the church moving?

So, in which direction is the church moving, or perhaps which are the most prominent winds in society which are going to move the church in a particular direction?  It is difficult to make predictions, but sometimes when one hears a consider thought it rings true.  Perhaps, something here might ring true with your experience and provide some guidance as to your ministry, the direction for your church, or simply give you hope.

Common Church Problems (No 1 in a series)

Common Church Problems (No 1 in a series examining challenges which the church is facing)
Eight areas to reflect on in thinking about strategy, effectiveness and health.

Unexpected Church Growth Methods

It is a tough world we live in and these are tough times.  Nevertheless, it is God’s world, and “God’s Kingdom will come, and God’s will, will be done on earth as it is in heaven”.  And while we might feel ourselves, even find ourselves, in crisis management mode the solution isn’t to tighten everything up, and draw everything in.

What does the future hold? (2)

Three hundred more words on the future of the Christian church ‘written’ in the same way. Does it challenge your thinking and make you ask questions about the possibilities and limits of technology.
You may also find a helpful tool, and a fun distraction.
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