Take a fresh look at scripture – from Genesis to Revelation – through the interpretive lens of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection.

Manna and Mercy: A Brief History of God’s Unfolding Promise to Mend the Entire Universe by Daniel Erlander is a 100-page hand-printed paraphrase of the bible, from Genesis to Revelation - a graphic novel of sorts, written with imagination, clarity, humour, and cartoons. Built around the twin themes of food sharing and forgiveness, it helps us to look at scripture with new eyes and rediscover how it can become a means of life and grace rather than destruction and death.

Since it was first published in 1992, Manna and Mercy has sold more than 75,000 copies, and helped many people to discover and read the Bible in a manner that is engaging, relevant, challenging, academically robust and true to Jesus. The book is available from Augsburg Fortress on the Augsburg Fortress website

This is a resource which has transformed my discipleship and that of many others and I would love to support you, or your church’s journey with God’s Unfolding Promise to Mend the Entire Universe, either through supplying (second-hand, but in new condition) copies of the book; or digital copies of the other resources, or through leading a biblical study.

Please do be in touch at mannaandmercy@wesleys.uk

Revd Alan Storey (aslowwalk.org) has created a 46-part Manna and Mercy video series, which are an excellent tool for small group discussion. Through each of these short videos, Alan urges us to read and interpret scripture through “the lens of Jesus” and in the context of a diverse community to help prevent the skewing of the message by one’s individual perspective.

Alan illustrates the points he wishes to emphasize with stories, a technique Jesus was also very fond of according to the Gospel writers. Most of the clips are short enough to cover 2-4 of them (with discussion between each one) during your youth or adult education forums at church or with your small group. Interspersed between Alan Storey’s reflections are four clips of people from various communities telling their own stories as they try to live Manna and Mercy lives. Each of those stories ends by inviting us in, asking us: “What’s your Manna and Mercy story?”

Rev. Alan Storey also teaches Manna and Mercy themes in six-minute audio segments -- radio interviews called DNA (Dion and Alan).

People from all over have found Manna and Mercy useful and created curricula for you to use or adapt.

Adult Guide -Six Week Adult Study

Written by Pastor Mary Lindberg from Seattle, this leader’s guide divides up Manna and Mercy into six sessions, but you can extend or shorten it to fit your time frame. Each week provides you with a way to “Tell The Story” of God and God’s people, and “Explore the Themes,” with opportunities for groups to discuss big issues from Manna and Mercy and play with some of the themes in the book. The study also makes use of video clips from South African theologian Alan Storey who loves this book, and has made short teaching lessons that flesh out and contextualize the ideas raised in Manna and Mercy.
- Download the Curriculum here

Confirmation Curriculum

Pastor Joan Beck, formerly of Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Portland, OR, put together confirmation materials based on Dan's Manna and Mercy book. Joan says, "I make them available as resources which can be used and adapted by other pastors and instructors for non-profit purposes." - Download the Manna and Mercy Confirmation Curriculum here

Youth Guide

Becca Griffin, (partnerpeopleproductions@gmail.com) a United Methodist youthly leader, writer, and artsy person from Cookeville, TN, along with part-time artist and full-time community organizer Grace McMullen, have put together the SEEDS Manna and Mercy Pocket Guide as a companion guide for youth to the book Manna and Mercy. This book will help the reader facilitate, for youth in religious settings, the book Manna and Mercy by Daniel Erlander and videos by Alan Storey.

Download the free PDF Manna and Mercy Pocket Guide a physical copy of the book is available here

Year Long Children’s Curriculum

From a church’s children’s director: “It’s the best children’s curriculum I’ve seen! Each lesson builds and reinforces earlier stories and concepts. Activities connect to the story in ways that encourage the diverse ways children learn. Children are active in their learning so they get the concepts and the stories.”

From a new church member: “On the way home after church, Tanner excitedly talked about all that he is learning in Sunday school. He’s never done that before. He says he is learning so much more than in other Sunday schools he’s been in.”

From a 5th grader: “What game are we going to play this morning?!”

These are some of the encouraging responses that Hanna Schock has received as she has written, planned, and led the teaching of Manna and Mercy: A Curriculum for Elementary Children. She says, "I believe part of this success is that I am a Nationally Certified School Psychologist with an understanding of how children learn. My different perspective has led to an elementary curriculum not like others. These lessons emphasize fun learning and making connections across stories and concepts."

Below are a couple of free sample PDF documents containing a descriptive overview, some hints for using the curriculum, a summary of topics and themes, and few sample lessons. To request the full year curriculum for purchase, email Hanna at hannaschock@bellsouth.net. She will send you an electronic copy of the first 5 lessons, supplemental documents, and some sample photos. Try it, like it, and pay $100 for all 50 lessons to be sent to you. One purchaser has said there is enough material in this curriculum for 3 years of lessons!

"My prayer is that you will consider this curriculum and that it will bless your children and your church!" - Hanna Schock, Birmingham, Alabama, member of First United Methodist.

PDF of several sample lessons

PDF containing: Descriptive overview of curriculum, general instructions and hints for using the curriculum, and a summary of topics and themes covered

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