Other services

In pursuit of our mission of freeing you to do what you were called to do we are aware that there is a long list of services which we could provide to enhance your ministry. As a new start-up it is impossible to do everything, but we hope to develop our understanding of what is possible, how best to work with local churches and what is most needed.

Below is a list of areas where we believe we can make a difference in an affordable and empowering way. If there is anything on this list with which you would particularly like assistance contact us and let’s find a way forward.

It is possible that we know of someone or something who can help you already, and we may just refer you to them. However, we may partner with you in developing a new system and a new service, and if we can work together on that, you should be able to get that service, bespoke, and more affordable than you might imagine.

Some possibilities:

  • Book keeping (and possibly the services of a treasurer)
  • GDPR compliance
  • Membership Record Management (or systems for you to manage)
  • Website Design and Hosting
  • E-mail addresses, (probably free)
  • Reflective Supervision (within the Methodist Church and under the policy)
  • Coaching
  • Human Resource assistance (within Methodist Policies and Safer-Recruiting)
  • Community Surveys
  • Management of Room Bookings
  • Timetabling (e.g. Preaching Plans)
  • Messaging, phone calls bulletins and correspondence
  • Annual Returns
  • Property Projects (including using the consents system)
  • PAT Testing
  • Fire Safety compliance
  • Building Access Systems
  • Quinquennial Reports
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